Monday, March 4, 2013

Political Parable

To my son Tommy,

In order to better explain to you the current political positions about sequesters and fiscal cliffs, I offer you this parable. I will let you draw your own conclusions and parallels from what is what and who is who.

Two kids were arguing over what to watch on TV. This argument was getting quite loud and nasty when the father walked into the room. The father threatened to turn off the TV altogether unless they could come to a compromise or decision on what to watch. Fearing a life of no TV, they quickly decided to watch something else.

The father was disheartened by the level of animosity between the two kids. He asked the kids what they could do to insure that this doesn't happen in the future. The kids thought and thought and each idea they came up with was "improved" on by the other. "Dad, this will never happen again. But if it should we want you to turn off the TV, but we want you to use a sledge hammer to do it." They were positive this would keep them from arguing and they would keep their promise. What can I tell you, they were kids and kids always believe they will do better.

A couple months later, the father walked in on a particularly heated argument. The kids did not live up to their promise, and were once again arguing about the TV. The father warned he had his sledgehammer ready and reminded them of their previous pact. This time, instead of hearing harmony that would solve the problem and avoid the sledgehammer, the father was met with the sounds of bickering and whining and name-calling. So the father threw his sledgehammer through the TV.

Now the kids, realizing that it was their fault, are singing the same stories of discourse. Each blames the other for the sledgehammer through the TV. Each now says that it isn't so bad and that they never liked that TV anyhow. Meanwhile the father, who gave the power to decide what happens to the TV to his children, is in a pickle too. The big game is coming this weekend and the Mrs is missing her shows, so he now has to live without or pay big bucks for a new TV to fix the situation. Either way it will really cost him.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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