Saturday, March 2, 2013

Ready For March

To my son Tommy,

By your picture, you can see you are excited about it being March and the upcoming holiday. You also have shown off once again your trend setting in the four year old fashion scene. We were only headed out to your Grandma Roro's house but rest assured I would take you out anywhere dressed as you dress without any embarrassment at all.

You wore a much more subdued outfit or our first outing of the day which was to the public library. We took your mommy this time so for the first time I actually got to peruse something other than the kids section. I read about 100 pages from about 10 books and found nothing worth my effort and time, so I went back to the kids section.

One thing I noticed at the library, you are definitely not shy. When I was your age I sat back and waited to be invited. Not you. If someone comes in under four feet, you walk right up and introduce yourself and begin playing. Even if they are above the four foot rule, and no matter their age, you have learned to say hi and introduce yourself. I hope you maintain this attitude and ability as you grow. It will give you a head start in most any situation.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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