Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Adventures In The Life Of Tommy

To my son Tommy,

Today was jam packed for you.  School, your first time in a barber shop, sitting on Santa's lap in Columbia Mall, and you landed the part of Joseph in next weeks pre-k-3 Christmas pageant.  You were extremely excited to see me and tell me of all your adventures.

Your first haircut with scissors looks pretty good.  Before this, you and I had free haircuts by mommy.  A pair of clippers kept us with motivated haircuts for the past couple years.  Unfortunately, our free barber has been busy studying this semester and you and I were starting to look like long haired hippies.  But with Christmas coming, something had to be done.

Your reward for sitting patiently through your haircut was a trip to visit Santa.  Evidently you are looking for trains and Scooby Doo among some other things.  We will have to see if the big guy delivers.  I was just telling your mom that you would be grateful for just about any gift, as long as it is wrapped.  We could wrap up toys you played with yesterday and you would be thrilled.  You just like getting wrapped packages.

Congrats on your budding acting career.  I am sure you will be wonderful as Joseph, especially if you get to wear some hooded robe.  You already drape blankets over you when you practice praying, so it isn't really much of a stretch.

There were many adventures for you today.  As you grow older, I hope you don't lose the magic of these small moments and look at everything you do as a new adventure which you are so excited to tell your dad about.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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