Sunday, December 30, 2012

Angel Brigade

To my son Tommy,

We are under 30 hours left for the 2012 year and the last few grains of the hourglass will soon pass for this year.  New Year's Eve is another one of those man made arbitrary times and we are supposed to examine our years past and resolve to do better as we move forward.  You know how I feel about these man-made concepts.  I think you should constantly examine the past and resolve to do better in the future all while really living in the present.  I believe you should do that every day of your life and not just the last couple days of the year, but I suppose the end of the calendar year just seems like a natural time to pause and reflect for everyone.

You, lately, have mentioned you are scared as we put you to sleep.  I know it is a stall tactic but I figured I'd try to address it.  So we started adding the Michael the Archangel prayer to our nightly prayer routine, and I have started teaching you about angels.  I tell you how they are there to protect you and though you might not be able to see them they are there in your heart and your mind and all around making sure you stay safe. Some don't believe in angels but then again some don't believe in much.  Your old man believes and is certain that a couple times in his life there has been an angel on his shoulder watching over him.

Sadly, we added a couple extra angels or souls to your protection brigade this year.  Though we don't have them physically in this world anymore, they are still here looking after us, just like so many of those who have left this world for the next.  The souls looking after you are many, from people we have lost this year like Great Grandmom Frazier and Great Aunt Patti, or in recent years like Baby Sal, or even years ago that you never even met like your Great Grandparents Delores and Charlie, and even people both you and I haven't met but touched our lives just the same like your Great Granddad Sal or Monsignor.  These are just a few of the people I remember in my prayers every day and just a few of the people that I believe are looking down and watching out for us.

The whole angel thing might backfire horribly on me though.  Instead of strengthening your resolve and alleviating your fears as you lay yourself down to sleep, it seems to have supplied you with another stall tactic.  You want to wait for the angels to come and don't seem to understand when I say they are already with you and protecting you.  However I will not fall into the trap and begin thinking you just don't understand, because if the year 2012 has taught me anything, it has taught me to never underestimate your ability to get it.

May all those who have gone before us always be in our hearts, minds, and lives.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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