Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sharing Time With All

To my son Tommy,

I have noticed on more than one occasion I have suggested that you are spoiled by all the gifts and such that you have.  I hope you realize that I am just teasing and don't think you are spoiled.  You are one of the most appreciative children I know.  You are happy with just about anything you get and very thoughtfully always remember to say thank you for the gifts given to you.

The picture above is you dressed up in some of your Christmas gifts.  You said you looked just like mommy when she goes to school.  You have an uncanny ability to play with almost every gift you get and every toy you have.  Old and new alike you give pretty much equal time.  It makes decluttering and giving away old toys a very difficult decision.  Soon though I think you will start making the selfless decisions and you will start asking to donate your toys to worthy causes.  Not sure why I think that will happen within the next year but my gut feeling says it will.

Though you get many gifts, something deep in your soul seems to keep you from letting it change you.  One of your favorite toys is an old cardboard box with eyes cut out and when you put it on your head you pretend you are a robot.  With an attitude like that, and a cuteness too, it is hard not to want to give you more and more.

If you can transition your ability to share time among toys to something similar with your adult relationships as you grow, you will have so many great friendships.  Too many times in our life, especially as you grow and become a parent and get busy with work and wife and who knows what else, our relations with our friends suffer like an old toy that gets shelved at Christmas time to make room for the new.  Every day you rediscover your old toys as if they are brand new and I hope to model my 2013 year after you and share some time with some friends that I have lost some of that connection with.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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