Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

To my son Tommy,

We just got back from the 4:00 PM children's mass at St. Agnes.  The decorations were tasteful and beautiful, the creche scene built by Msgr. Fortenbaugh proudly displayed, two pews filled with just our family, Father Raymond (who you always say hi to and even walked up before mass to give him a special Merry Christmas) at the pulpit reminding us the real reason for this whole holiday, angelic voices from the kid's Cherub Choir, and we were even treated to a solo by your cousin Emma.

You are now putting on pajamas and galoshes to go to your Bwama's house as is tradition.  A light snow has fallen over Maryland and renewed everyone's conversation keynotes.  We have NORAD up and tracking the jolly fatman's progress (no not me, Santa).  Later tonight, after Pop-pop reading "Night Before Christmas"  and we have said our fare-thee-wells, we will settle in to some quality cuddle time while we watch the Snooze-a-thon on the Sprout channel to show you that even your favorite stars are fast asleep awaiting the jolly fatman (no not me!).

There is so much more to Christmas and I got lucky enough to live some of these moments today where the true spirit of Christmas comes rushing through.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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