Saturday, December 15, 2012

Necessary Distraction

To my son Tommy,

With the recent events in the news, we needed something light and fun and rejuvenating.  Luckily from last night on, your dance card (and thus ours) has been full.  Family and wholesome fun and goodness was just what I needed to distract me from the horrific events in Connecticut which for some reason has sturck a chord with me and upset me deeply.

Last night we went to the St. Agnes Christmas Pageant.  You cannot get more wholesome than kids singing Christmas carols.  Honestly, with the recent events in the news, you could have had all the kids stand up there and pick their nose and every adult would have clapped and been overjoyed.  The songs were good and your cousin Emma had a little solo.  You tried to sing along with every song, not letting the fact that you didn't know all the lyrics stop you one bit.  When the St. Agnes Men's Choir were singing, evidently you decided that you should join.  We were sitting in the front rows so you turned to face the audience and started singing and dancing along, as you inched yourself further back and back and closer to the stage.  Your mother, who was in a state of indecision on whether to laugh or be mortified, finally snatched you up and ushered you out as to not cause a scene.  You soon came back and you really enjoyed seeing all the different instruments in the school band who finished out the night.

This morning was "Breakfast with Santa" and once again we were surrounded by family and friends.  After some pancakes and the like, the big man in the red suit made his appearance and you were awe struck.  You actually got to get on Santa's lap twice this morning, one for the business portion such as telling your Christmas desires, and another for a picture moment because Pop-pop wanted another chance for some good photo-ops.

Then Grandmom Roro and Grandpa Leo came and got you and took you to a flea market, or as you said the "fleece" market.  Not sure if your pronunciation is not too far from the truth.  You bought tons of magnets and ended up with some Mexican navy style sailor hat.  No matter the outcome, you got to spend some quality times with your grandparents.

We finished up with dinner at the Downey's and some time to enjoy family.  We could laugh at your attempt to upstage the choirs and talk about fleas and fleece over some real burgers and some fake vegetable magnets. Every chance I got I gave you a hug and whispered in your ear that I love you.  Like a good friend of mine who lives up in CT and, as I discovered today to my dismay, had some relatives directly effected in Newtown said, "Love your kids.  None of us are guaranteed a tomorrow."

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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