Thursday, February 14, 2013

Be Mine

To my son Tommy,

For Saint Valentine's Day you got a stuffed animal and lunch box both with the frog named Scout from the Sweet Frog logo.  It was very sweet and you should thank your mother.  She is so thoughtful and courteous and if it weren't for her, you'd never get anything nice like this.  In fact you and I exchanged valentines this morning.

After the normal wrestling with waking and breakfast and teeth brushing. we got you dressed in a clean pair of pajamas this morning for school.  It was pajama party day at school for you, a fact that I used to my advantage to get you excited and actually working with me instead of against me as we readied you for school.  We went out to the truck early because it was completely iced over because of the combination of rain, sleet, snow, and cold weather from the night before.  I got you in your seat and started up the truck and grabbed a can of deicer and an ice scraper.  I had all the windows clean except the back passenger window as you watched me eagerly from inside the truck.  I took the time and etched out of the ice an imperfect little heart shape.  I peered through this clearing and stuck my tongue out at you.  That was it.  That was my valentine for you.

And you laughed.  You laughed so hysterically.  You would think I just bought you the world and did the greatest thing possible.  You thought this was hilarious.  I bet if I crossed the street, I could have still heard you laughing.  And that huge sincere belly laugh...that was your valentine gift to me!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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