Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Fall

To my son Tommy,

You and your mom took a tumble this morning. You were still asleep and your mom was carrying you down the stairs, no doubt for some quality snuggle time. Her stocking feet got the better of her on the top three steps to the landing. You ended up knocking your chin on the top step and your mom hit her back on the next two steps as she struggled desperately to catch the both of you. All this led to a trip to the ER to get the gash under your chin glued up with medical glue.

Your mother feels sore but what hurts more is her guilt. She blames herself and feels like she should get the "mother of the year award" which of course is meant to be awarded with a good amount of sarcasm and irony.

Accidents happen. Sometimes in life sock meets hardwood floor and slides and falls and stumbles abound. They are called accidents for a reason. It is what you do afterwards that defines you. Your mother quickly took care of you and made all the right decisions as any great mother would. Now she has a couple more things to do.

First she has to get herself checked out fully. She has done her motherly duty and got you fixed up and now she owes it to you to have herself examined.

Second she has to realize it isn't as bad as she has convinced herself it is. You know how many scars and accidents I have had throughout my childhood? Too many to count and many of the, far worse than your chin. Life goes on and scars (if it does scar) can add to your mystery when you become an adult.

So when accidents happen, do the right thing and the best you can to correct it, then forgive yourself and move on. Your mom is one the greats of the world and I don't say that just because of my bias. As for you, you got another story for your therapist. I kid, I kid.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

P.S. weigh in was this morning and down to 279 so 13 lost and slow and steady but still in the race.

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