Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fat Tuesday

To my son Tommy,

Today is Fat Tuesday or as most people know it Mardi Gras.  It is traditionally a day of debauchery and gluttony before the forty days of lent begin.  Here I sit on my lunch break overindulging by eating a tuna fish sandwich for lunch.  Woohoo I am a party animal!  That should hold me till Easter week!  But only if my sarcasm can trump my bitterness of being on a diet.

To be fair, I have had way too many fat tuesdays and fat wednesdays and fat everyday of the week.  I did weigh in this morning and on the scale it listed at 281.  That means I am eleven pounds down since I started and three and a half pounds down since last weeks slip up.  I credit this weeks loss mostly to watching and keeping a food journal on myfitnesspal.com as I did very little else new.  I kept up with everything else, like drinking more water and eating breakfast everyday but the food journal was the only new thing.  I half hoped that being sick yesterday would translate into some extra weight loss for me today but I quickly knocked that thought out of my mind, as weight loss through illness or through vomiting is not something to aspire to.

The inconvenient truth is I have to dedicate time for myself in the gym.  I am up to about 100 of those wall push-outs in the morning but that is kind of like throwing a nickel at the national debt.  I need to put in some serious time on some serious exercise and make some serious strives.  Since Planet Fitness already gets twenty dollars a month from us (ten for mommy and ten for me) I might as well get some value in it rather than throwing out $240.00 a year.  The only way I see it fitting into my schedule is going after you head off to bed.  Wonder if this will increase or decrease the quality of my sleep.  Only one way to find out I guess.

As always, I hope you never have to struggle with your weight like this.  If you do, I can only offer my trials and tribulations and failures and successes in hopes that it will inspire you to overcome just as your love has inspired me to overcome.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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