Wednesday, February 20, 2013


To my son Tommy,

You have tons of little quirky sayings that you have picked up through your life. I wonder which will stick as you grow. Here are a few of those phrases and some of their origins.

Hotchamamma - this fun word is compliments of Grandpa Leo. It is meant to be a word of excitement or approval and is usually followed by a high five.

Cuckoo-cachoo - though people will think of walruses and beatles, but you got this phrase from Jack's Big Music Show episode that had Phil the cuckoo bird.

Sounds great idea - with the omission of a few words such as "like" and "a" you made a phrase so cute that it actually has influenced your parents conversation.

Thank you sweetie - the timing and circumstance of when you utter this phrase is what makes it so special. It usually follows situations that make most kids cry... like getting your blood drawn.

Uncle Paaaatrick - print doesn't do justice to the cute way you refer to your Great Uncle Patrick

Lu-Lu-kiss - nothing to do with a peck on the cheek, this is actually how you refer to your second cousin Lucas.

Ocean city - you would think this refers to a vacation destination, and at certain times it might but it usually refers to a Disney production called Oceans.

It no taste very good - often you haven't even put the food to your lips before you try to explain why you are not going to eat by using this reason.

Old MacDonald lady - any female employee selling fast food. If they resemble a farm animal then that is purely coincidental.

Talk my angels - every night you ask me to talk to your angels and ask them where they are and make sure they will protect you as you sleep.

Want to make a boat - this question is usually followed by me and you going up to your bed, the S.S.Tommybed our favorite pirate ship.

You have many many more little phrases, but the best one is "I love you daddy! You are my best friend."

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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