Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fool

To my son Tommy,

I must be getting old. In my younger days, on the first of April, I would be on the lookout for goofs and pranks and other such hijinx both to do to others and to be done to me. My friends must be getting older too because not one person tried any such joke. Of course I had my office door closed and more work than usual as I was covering work or others. I must have also had that look on my face that your Grandpa Leo would use in the military that promises "screw with me and I will rip your head off and..." Well you get the idea. But I do feel obliged to offer a bit of advice (or perhaps a challenge) in case you decide in your later years to get in to the foolish prank practice. Any fool can devise a mean and demeaning prank but it proves only themselves the fool. It takes talent to devise a prank that is fun, funny, yet remains kind. You have the gift of the Irish tongue to aid you in your endeavors, as well as many a Downey to learn from. I think your Great Uncle Sean convinced me one April Fool's Day that if I held my hand like a crane above my head that I would be invisible. Even though I was young (roughly six) I was skeptical, until I used the technique to steal some cookies from the cookie jar right in front of everyone ( who obviously recognized a good Downey prank). I think that joke lasted two years before I learned better. I still smile when I remember that, and I still occasionally hold my hand like a crane lifting me into invisibility when I find myself talking to someone who I would rather escape from. It still doesn't work but entertains me enough to get through.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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