Thursday, April 18, 2013

Trick To Your Mornings

To my son Tommy,

I am beginning to believe it is genetic and not learned.  You are a bear in the morning and just want to continue sleeping.  You get this honestly from both sides of your gene pool.  But the other day,  I figured it out.  If I wake up an hour earlier than you normally would get up and get you dressed while you are sleeping and bring you downstairs while you are sleeping and do whatever I need to do to get ready while you are sleeping and all along throw potshot wake up calls as I walk by you...then you complain much less.  It doesn't stop the fight, just lessens it.  If I were to do all this when you are starting to rouse and wake, you put much more into the fight.  I know this is not training you to jump awake and attack the new day with vigor but it sure helps me get where I need to go.  And yesterday when I brought you to your grandmother's house, Pop-pop said with a hint of surprise and relief, "Tommy you look really happy for this early in the morning!" 

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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