Friday, April 12, 2013

Where Need And Want Coincide

To my son Tommy,

It is inevitable.  Whenever I get into church in the morning, I feel the soft vibration of my phone against my leg.  After my daily mass, I get out to the truck and return the call and explain,  "Sorry I missed your call.  I was in church.  I didn't check my messages if you left one.  What can I help you with?".   The usual response is something akin to "Church?" or "You realize it is Friday?" or "Is it Sunday already?" or some other incredulous response.  I explain with humor that I try to get to church most every day I can because with how bad I am I need all the extra churching I can get.  This usually satisfies them and we can move on to the pressing issue that they originally called for, like their ipad beeped at them and they don't know why.

It is a rare occurrence when what you need and what you want and what you get coincide.  Most of us in this world need a swift kick in the pants but few of us want this and even fewer of us get a good swift kick to set them straight.  Many want wealth and riches but you only really need enough not over abundance.  In my past, I needed to go to church but I didn't want to.  So now I am happy that what I need and what I want have coincided.  It allows me to start my day in a spiritual way.

Our world would be so much better if people started there day in a spiritual way.  From mass every day I can attend, I get some alone time with my self, some alone time with my God, some alone time with my thoughts,  some alone time to set my goals for the day,  some verses from the Bible to reflect on and learn from,  and some together time to offer peace to those who attended the mass looking for the same things I seek, and I get much much more.  I am not advocating one religion over another with this lesson here, just advocating for setting aside time to focus on something bigger than yourself.  Everyone should spend some time in quiet reflection of themselves and their upcoming day and what they can do to be the best person they can be.  Be they Buddhist or Taoist or Catholic or someone who just doesn't know what they believe...prayer, meditation, thoughtful reflection on life, thoughtful reflection on story or history or verse...all of this can do wonders in a person and wonders for our society as we struggle to get along in this world full of pushing and shoving.  There I go again with the Jimmy Buffett quotes.  Might as well do it up right and finish out with a couple quotes from Fruitcakes.

The gods honest truth is it's just not that simple
Its the buddhist in you, it's the pagan in me
Its the muslim in him, she's catholic aint she?
Its the born again look it's the wasp and the jew
Tell me what's goin on, I aint gotta clue
So I'll put on my bob marley tape
And practice what I preach
Get jah lost in the reggae mon
As I walk along the beach

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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