Wednesday, August 7, 2013


To my son Tommy,

The promises of riches abound in the sin city we call Atlantic City.  The next spin, the next card, the next roll of the dice can make you rich beyond your wildest dreams.  Last night your mom and I headed up for our chances at these quick and easy riches.  Your mom didn't do too bad and would have done much better if I was not on such a losing streak.  She stayed around to keep trying to dig us out and thus I stayed around and kept losing.  Vicious circle.

But there was a point last night where I was tempted to hit the ATM.  In the past this would have been a no brainier and I would have convinced myself that I could win myself back to even with a little more of a stake.  I must be growing up.  Instead of feeding my losing streak, instead of making a bad night at the tables worse, instead of towing above the initial agreed upon limits, I just said no.  It might sound basic but it is actually a big step.  It shows a discipline never exhibited before when it comes to gambling.

Remember if you can avoid the gambling bug by all means do.  If, however, you have your father's addictive personality and do gamble, remember this advice.  Bet what you can afford to lose and stick to a strict limit and no matter what anyone says....there is no sure thing.   That is why the casinos exist and do very well financially.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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