Saturday, August 3, 2013

One Week Down

To my son Tommy,

One week of vacation down and another to go.  Today was the first day I felt like I might be starting a vacation from work.  Last week I probably worked about twenty or more hours remotely.  We had a closing day, which always gives more work and of course this month seemed to be especially problematic.  Then the rest of the week I fielded questions, often trying to explain to people I am on vacation.  Evidently that doesn't make any difference and the questions or problems that can wait or be directed to other people or solved on their own, still keep coming at me.  I just finally refused continuing answering these, and am trying to not make it personal by returning the favor when they go on vacation.  But thank goodness for two weeks of vacation because anything less would not let me unwind and would not let me give you my full attention.

Sincerely with love from yr dad,

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