Friday, August 9, 2013

Listen To The Music

To my son Tommy,

If you ever got separated from us on the OCNJ boardwalk, it wouldn't be too difficult to find you,  we would simply have to walk to the nearest guy with a guitar and there you would be stopped to listen.  Last night was "family night" on the boards and that meant every block or two they had a musical act scheduled to entertain the masses.  This also meant, besides the normal stops for costumed people or animatronic animals, that it took double the amount of time to get up to the rides.

Recently, a viral video had a world class violin player give a free concert in Grand Central station and only a couple people stopped to see this "street" performer.  It was a shame that people were so busy with their lives that they never realized what they were missing.  So good on you for stopping for the music.  I doubt we had a world class concerto on any of the boardwalk shows but a couple of the guitar players and singers weren't too shabby.  It might add a few minutes to the arrival at the destination but it is the journey that you should enjoy and the more you stop to listen to the music, the more you stop to smell the flowers (or in this case the Johnson's popcorn), the more you will appreciate the journey of life.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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