Monday, August 12, 2013

Follow Up

To my son Tommy,

First day back from work and the number one action on my to do list is to follow up.  Did we get this resolved?  Where are we this?  Who has this?  Why wasn't this done?  Do I have any action to get this done?  And so on and so on.  When you go away for two weeks, especially with no one who really does your job, the things important to you don't get done.  Also when you come back you will find that people have added to your to do list even if it isn't your job.  Since I wasn't around to disagree, they simply said "That is Leo's job."

Honestly, I am not complaining.  I am just stating the facts.  I feel needed and wanted and overwhelmed all at the same time.  I just am slowly working down the to do list, methodically, trying to get caught up.  The vacation was well worth it and quite refreshing because work will always be hard and overwhelming and busy, vacation or not.  Follow up is a big part of life as well as work and I plan on getting home and doing some post vacation snuggling follow ups with my four year old son!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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