Thursday, August 29, 2013

No Cape

To my son Tommy,

Your mother didn't wear a cape out of the house this morning circa six in the morning as she went off to her clinical training.  She wore a very smart and professional looking get up.  No cape, but she is still our superhero.  She has this effortless way about her to balance life and keep us in line while doing it.  I am sure there are times where she doesn't think it is so effortless and gets frazzled, but from our vantage point she is as graceful as a ballerina when it comes to dancing between everything.  Sure I tease her from time to time, even in these letters to you, but I need to stress how great your mom is to us and in general.  I might bring up that she can be a grump in the morning, but getting only an hour or two of sleep might put anyone on edge but she doesn't let that stop her.  I might bring up the vast little differences of the way men and women think and how that plays out in our relationship, but that will always be there and is just the way of life.  I might even rag on her for her Crohn's disease and joke that I married her in sickness and health and am still waiting for the latter, but that is more my problem because I often use bad inappropriate and politically incorrect humor to lighten a very serious issue.  Despite all these little things, your mother is the greatest mom and greatest wife.

Take for example today.  She should have been able to focus on just her for her first day of clinicals.  She is going through the same new school year jitters and adjustments as you.  But she did so many things so your good-hearted but somewhat clueless father could get you off to school in a timely fashion with all the necessities.  She made and packed your lunch; She taught me how to add the freezer thingamajig to your lunchbox; She made sure your book-bag was right there ready for school; She made sure an outfit was set out so you wouldn't end up dressing like a harlequin; She made sure your outfit today was easier for potty breaks at school so no accidents happen;  She basically thoughtfully prepped me and you for total success.  This morning was a breeze.

That is just one example.  Her thoughtfulness and consideration and compassion span so many avenues.  She makes extra during dinner so she can bring it up to Nansy.  She prints out extra copies of notes on three hole punched paper for other students in her class.  She takes Nana Jeanne to the movies and occasional plants flowers for her.  She goes out of her way to find the just right blanket to make your Great Grandfather Leo feel more comfortable.  She is the type who finds a wallet on the ground and makes sure she finds the owner.  If she is asked to bring a dessert, she isn't bringing some store bought cookies but rather a full on production of some recipe she found on pinterest or in her own archives.  She does all this with a large loving and forgiving heart.  She is simply amazing.  My son, you may not realize it yet, but you have a full on superhero for a mom.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

P.S. If your mommy happens to read this...tell her I am sorry for forgetting to put out the garbage today.

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