Wednesday, October 24, 2012


To my son Tommy,

I am not big on arbitrary milestones but the 100th letter to you in this blog post is something I want to acknowledge.  I have spent some time reviewing some of the posts.  I have found quite the range of quality from cringe-worthy to some posts that I am quite proud of.  Posts that made me laugh and some that made me cry.  We have the happy and the sad, the mundane and the exciting.  We have touched on such profound topics as love and life, God and religion, death, forgiveness, and much much more.  We have documented our journeys be it medical, emotional, spiritual, or whatever life may bring.  We have looked at the circle of life and realized some days it is perfectly round and the next day it could be egg-shaped and the next day it looks like squiggles and scribbles.  I have attempted to show you how to take responsibility for your own life while at the same time trying to take control of mine.  We have searched on doing in life rather than sitting back and waiting for it to be done for you. We have focused in on processes and taking things one step at a time.  By exploring the simple, we have delved into the complicated and tried our best to simplify life.  We have celebrated our family and our time together, be it in hospitals or at home making a stuffed animal zoo.  I hope you will learn from these words and leave with something profound and deep, but if you just leave with a smile or smirk that is okay too.

There have been many recurring themes and no doubt we will revisit many a topic as we go forward.  It is my prerogative as a parent, and as Heraclitus said "No man ever steps in the same river twice".  I will continue trudging on and risk repeating myself over and over again because the simple lessons of life are worthy of repetition and reexamining day in and day out.  So I ask the question in your words, "Sounds great  idea?".  Hopefully one day when you finally read all this you will answer that question much like you would today and say "Okay!  Sounds great idea, daddy!"  So today I will leave you with how I used to end every post in a blog of a past life...God bless all who read these posts.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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