Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Plug In

To my son Tommy,

Power has been off and on yesterday and through out today but not as bad as I thought.  We had about four houses using the generator with extensions cords to either neighbor and even crossing the street.  Just running sump pumps and refrigerators nothing more.  Just enough to keep the basements unflooded and the food or medicine from spoiling.  I guess some hoard and only watch out for themselves but that it is not the Downey style.  As long as we have, we try to give.  We try to help all who come looking for help.  "Sure, let's see if we can get you plugged in."  was our mantra as we plugged in and wondered exactly how much this 5500 watt generator could take.

So that is the lesson.  If you have, share.  Not only is it good karma, it is just good!  We are one of the only species in the world that have the ability to look passed our own needs at the need of those around us.  Genuine altruism is one part of the human that science cannot really explain or understand and thus is often debated and dismissed as a fairy tale.  Scientist point out that there is often subconscious and subtle forms of self-interest being fulfilled.  I personally think science may never be able to explain something so spiritual because they are looking for it under a microscope rather than in a prayer.  Whatever the underlying source, be it God or some sort of unexplained self-interest, I hope to raise you to do the right thing and if you have in abundance and see someone without that you can genuinely help, you will.  Follow the example of the poor man who has one loaf of bread and freely offers half to the man who has no bread.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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