Tuesday, October 23, 2012


To my son Tommy,

Today from your teacher, we got this nice picture of you licking a frosting covered finger in front of your cupcake.  You have no idea how excited your mother and I get when you try new foods.  Unlike other parents, we don't care if the new food is junk.  We simply want you to start trying new foods.  Later after establishing that you are willing to try new foods, then we can start worrying about your vegetables and such.  Your teacher, Ms. Mary, is very tuned in to how exciting for us new foods are.  She has proudly got you to eat pancakes and now cupcakes.  Hmm, perhaps it has something to do with the word cake.  Well you might end up eating baby food at your wedding but at least you will be able to eat the frosting off your wedding cake now!  Either way we are very happy that you have such a great teacher and that she is successful in getting you to try new things.

Sincerely with love form your dad,

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