Friday, October 5, 2012

Turn On Your Love Light

To my son Tommy,

Every morning that I get up before your mother, I do my best to not disturb her as she sleeps.  It is just the gentlemanly thing to do and just because we are married doesn't mean I should stop doing the gentlemanly things.  So after my morning shower, I usually sneak in under the cover of darkness and rummage through my dresser for some clothes.  Results of clothing choice vary from day to day but usually I don't do too poorly while keeping the lights off.  Today was different.  Today I turned the light on.

Not sure what made me turn the light on this morning but I did.  Perhaps I was just too groggy to realize I shouldn't or perhaps I was just concerned that I would put my underwear on backwards, which is a sure way to start a day off poorly.  The moment I pulled the string on the ceiling fan to turn on the light, I gasped and started to kick myself mentally.  "You fool, your wife is sleeping and here you go turn on the light when she has the rare chance to sleep in!", came to my head instantly.  But in that same moment I looked down at my sleeping bride.

This chance to regard your mom laying in our bed seemed to last an eternity, though it probably only lasted a second.  Here lies the woman I love, the woman I am in love with (I have been told by women that there is a difference in those two statements), and one of the greatest reasons in my life to be grateful each and every day.  Here lies the woman who gives me her love everyday.  Here lies a smart, sensitive, hardworking, clever, beautiful woman, and she is mine.  She keeps our house in order and both of us in line.

My wish for you, my son, is that you find a good woman to love that loves you.  I used to keep up with a list on a site called 43things (  ) and might again someday (got to mark off the task of quitting smoking as completed).  Anyways, on this list of things I want to do and things I have done, I marked off a task of "fall devastatingly and totally in love with someone desperately and totally in love with me" as completed only 5 months after I met your mother.  This is as true today as it was back in January of 2007.

Today I turned the light on and yet again renewed my amazement and wonderment in my soul mate.  After that I walked into your room and kissed the head of one of the greatest gifts she has ever given to me.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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