Sunday, October 7, 2012

No Pox On You

To my son Tommy,

Well you gave us a scare with your skin yesterday.  After I posted about the miraculous mole, I thought I may have been premature and perhaps jinxed us.  You all of a sudden broke out in a rash.  This was no normal rash, it was fast acting and spreading so fast and getting worse at an extreme rate.  I asked your mother to look at it and she suggested it might be chicken pox.  Mommy and I don't know what chicken pox look like since this is the first time around in the parenting arena.  I was ready to ship you off to the emergency room and was frantically getting you ready.  Your mother was calling your doctor's office and convinced the nurse on duty that the symptoms matched the chicken pox.  We were informed that unless some really bad things started happen that there was no sense in going to the ER and exposing everyone.  This didn't quite set well with me.  I definitely wanted a second opinion.

Your grandmom Eileen came to our rescue.  She took some time from her anniversary (42nd) and after a quick inspection told us we were not dealing with the chicken pox.  With your health recently, we had a plethora of things to pick from for the cause.  We narrowed it down to a new laundry product that your mom introduced.  A bath and a dose of wal-zyr and some re-washing of clothes and blankets and stuffed animals and whatever else we could think of, was all you needed.  We had successfully cured the new plague that your father was overreacting to.  We skipped going to your grandmom Roro's house just because we didn't want to risk complicating or overlapping medical issues since we still are not sure how your new asthma is going to react to the cat.

At church today, I sat there thinking of and praying for all your recent medical issues.  As I was asking for the strength and wisdom to recognize problems and not overreact and get through, family started streaming in.  At today's mass we were only one short of taking up the whole pew and it has been awhile since I remember so much family hitting the same mass time and finding each other and sitting together.  It was a great feeling and I think God was trying to tell me "Here is your strength.  Here is your wisdom and experience.  Here is your help."

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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