Sunday, October 14, 2012

Distractions and Bribes

To my son Tommy,

It is an odd fact, but when the church is packed and their is singing at the mass, you are more of  a handful to handle.   We attended the 10:15 at St.Agnes today.  This is probably the most attended mass at our parish and it is not the "silent" mass that you are used to that has no singing and is at least a good 15 minutes shorter.  It actually surprised me that you were more difficult to handle today.  I always assumed that there was more potential for embarrassing moments when there were less attendees.  But I guess like begets like and if I want a calm quiet child for mass than I need the calm quiet mass like 7:30 or weekday mass.

You found a mommy and daddy and daughter trio to become friends with.  A new couple to St. Agnes. they were sitting behind us and you seem infatuated with the young lady.  I was worried you were too distracting for them so I kept trying to get you to turn around and focus on the mass or perhaps on you grandmom or one of your other relatives in the pew.  But they were quite gracious after mass and said they enjoyed having us sit in front of them.  You have that effect on many people.  You are quite the charmer.

We had one potty break (mostly because you refused to potty before we went to church) and you really got antsy at the end and tried to make a break for it.  But I always have the ultimate bargaining chip to keep you in line.  You see, during the whole mass, you just are waiting to go to the little playground outside and slide down some slides.  It is your ultimate objective and I believe one of the only reasons you agree to go to church with me.  What ever the reason, I am glad you come with me and I welcome the extra influence I have with the bribe of slides.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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