Monday, October 1, 2012

Word Is Bond

To my son Tommy,

Last night your mom was out getting a flu shot at the local drugstore for her nursing program.  She had some time to kill as they prepped the medicine and did some shopping.  When she arrived home she lit up your world with the surprise gifts of a couple puzzle packs.  You love puzzles and you were mesmerized and staring at your new gifts when the inevitable question came up, "Can we open them?"  It was already a little past your bedtime and, with your love of puzzles, if we opened them there would be no way we could get you to bed.  So we explained that you can bring them with you to grandmother's house when you go in the morning and unwrap them and do them there. You reluctantly accepted this deal.

This morning when I woke you up, the first thing you asked me was, "Are we going to Bwama's?  Do you have the Thomas puzzles? The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse puzzles?"  I chuckled at your eager anticipation, assured you we would take care of that, and refocused you on important things like morning potty time.  Imagine, all the time asleep and all you can think of is these new puzzles.  These toys must have filled every nook and cranny of your dreams.  You remembered everything promised to you and there was no way we were leaving the house without these puzzles.  And someone better open them up soon or you were going to burst!

Having a son has taught me about the power of words and promises.  When I say something, I best follow through or risk my heart sinking if I were to disappoint you.  That is a good way to live your life.  Live your life as every promise you make is to a three year old boy who you could not stand to ever let down.  When you say something, do it.  Your word is your bond.  If you attempt to fulfill every statement or promise or word to everyone just as you would to your own toddler son, then you will have attained a very high caliber of dependability and character.  There will be times when circumstances just make you fail at delivering your promises.  It happens.  But every time circumstances come up that make it difficult to accomplish a goal or promise, imagine telling your three year old that he can't open his new gifts from his mommy.  It will make you try that much harder.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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