Sunday, September 30, 2012

Down At Fraggle Rock

To my son Tommy,

Quick, name all the Fraggles!  If you can still do it when you read this I am really impressed or perhaps you already have children.  To date, twice in my life I could name the majority of the Fraggles, once when they first came out in the early 1980's on I believe the HBO channel, and once again nearly 30 years later as you watch these shows on DVD.  For the record you went through the list in the car today and named Gobo, Mookey, Red, Wembley, and Boober.  You also mention Junior Gorg and the Trash Heap.  You missed Uncle Travelling Matt and a few others but threw in a couple I didn't recognize like Lou.

It is really exciting that you enjoy some of my childhood favorites.  It is an instant connection that bridges generations.  It is also really exciting that technology today allows us to recycle all the classics, though I am not sure if Fraggle Rock is considered a classic on anyone else's list.  You can buy or find online most every movie, tv show, or the like.

So here is looking forward to the next time in my life that you or I will be able to spout off all the Fraggle names.  That will mean (God willing) we are watching DVDs (or whatever media they have in 20 or 30 years) of Fraggle Rock with your kids and my grandkids.

Sincerely with love from your dad,


  1. LEO!! John and I were JUST talking about this! LONG LIVE FRAGGLE ROCK!!