Saturday, September 8, 2012

Life Class

To my son Tommy,

There are so many tools on the internet and in technology today.  Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Blogger, LinkedIn, there are too many sites and apps to name.  And that is not even counting in all the sites and such that I have used, sometimes still use, but aren't in the forefront and may be considered out of vogue.  And your father has a finger into just about everyone.  Being a tech guy, I have to try and test out and be versed in most any application or site that comes into popularity.  Consequently because I have signed up for so many, I go in waves and spurts with renewed interest in one.

Lately my renewed interest has been in twitter.  Recently, as I went around searching those I follow, and those who follow me, and just general trends.  I came across an interesting hash-tag #lifeclass.  I had to do some research but found it on and gave it a look see.

Some people would give me guff for watching Oprah stuff, but your father refuses to be pigeon-holed by some silly comment like "Real men don't watch Oprah" or other such nonsense.  I find inspiration and ideas and energy from so many sources, from the feminine flower to the manly mountain, from magazines like Good House Keeping to Popular Mechanics, from the yin and from the yang of life

The first episode I watched online (which was actually out of order and the second) had the guest Tony Robbins and the topic "Living Fearlessly".  He quickly corrected the topic to "living courageously" and explained how everyone has fear.  He also explained how getting past the fear and working the courage is a "muscle" and the more you work it the better you get at it.  Anyway I was hooked.

This is the kind of stuff I am trying to pass on to you with this blog.  These life lessons, these life classes, these pearls of wisdom and hints on how to make your life better.  I can watch this new tool and get new lessons for the both of us.  I don't think I will have you doing any fire-walking (one of Tony Robbins signature moves which funny enough I did when I was in my college days) but I can get some different perspectives and views and inspirations to pass on to you.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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