Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Power Of Five

To my son Tommy,

If you have five minutes, you have enough time to do amazing things in your life.  Time is not the end all be all limiting factor we make it out to be.  What can you do?  Pick one.

Go find your mom and give her a hug.
Straigthen up a room.
Go outside and fill your lungs with fresh air.
Dial a friend and say hi.
Read a poem.
Say a prayer.
Tell a joke and make someone laugh.
Brush your teeth.
Eat an apple.
Tell someone you love them.
Write a blog post.

You name it, chances are you can find something to do.  Too often we fill our free time with...well, nothing.  We just let the time slip away.  These small things on this list are just off the top of my head and perhaps I should sit down and think out my master list for when I find myself doing nothing.  But each of these can make your day or life better or easier.  What you choose can increase your fiber, strengthen your body, or feed your soul.  And most of them can be done in much less than the 5 minutes.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

P.S. (written and typed in 4 minutes 33 seconds)

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