Thursday, September 13, 2012

One Less Thing

To my son Tommy,

Today, on my way into church, the priest was greeting people at the front door.  He noticed my neck lanyard that holds some of my most used keys.

"Won't ever lose those keys!" he quipped. 

"Just one less thing for me to worry about, Father." I replied as I scurried passed.

That has gotten me thinking all day.  The purpose of organization and routines and habits and wearing keys around your should all serve to ease the burden of your life.  There are so many better things to worry about than losing your keys.  Trust me I have lost my keys so many times in my life.  The aggravation, the frustration, that feeling in the pit of your stomach as you go through all the scenarios of what it means if your keys are truly gone...just worthless worry that I now for the most part prevent.  If my keys aren't around my neck, then they are in a specific spot at home.  Mom and I don't have much money to go out to the fancy schmancy restaurants and such so I don't often wear outfits like a suit where the keys around my neck would look out of place.

Now there is a catch 22.  When I started this practice I had to give much thought and concern to putting these darn keys around my neck.  But the little bit of worry to establish the habit has eliminated a ton of worry now.  That is how it should be, if everyday we can secure one more thing in our life, one more action that we don't have to worry about, we can focus in on the most important aspects of our life.  We can eliminate some wasted time and effort and slowly but surely get to the point where we can start singing "Don't worry!  Be happy!" (in our best Bobby McFerrin impersonation that just will never live up to the true thing).

On a side note, when your mother locked herself away in her office the other night to study,  well that really paid off.  She got a 100% grade on her first major nursing exam.  I think she had already done a quiz or something minor but this one she was determined to ace.  I am so proud of her and hope one day you will realize the sacrifices she is making to go back to school as a mother.  At least with this exam in the past, she has one less thing to worry about also.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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