Monday, September 17, 2012

The Perils Of School Age

To my son Tommy,

Let me say that this morning you were in a miserable mood with all rights to be.  You stayed up half the night coughing and congested.  You haven't run a fever so we are not sure if the doctor will do anything but look at us like we are clueless over concerned first time parents.  That didn't stop us from making the appointment though and we are probably guilty as charged with regards to being overly concerned.

We were warned that this happens when you send kids off to school.  Sick kids make more sick kids and you seem to be no exception to the rule.  You are from good tough stock and we expect you just to get through your illness in no time.  The doctor's appointment is to make sure it is nothing serious.  In this day and age with everything from west nile virus to swine flu to bird flu, you can never be too careful.  I even heard of a case of the bubonic plague out in Colorado in the past month or so.  That is why we get you to the doc and get a baseline and start the clock on how long you have been having symptoms and such, instead of just saying "suck it up boy" or telling ourselves "he'll be fine".  It is probably just the change of weather.

The little chest cold or throat tickle or whatever it is, seems to have spread to me and maybe your mother.  I have a sniffle today and a tickle in the throat. So this week you are going to see me off spraying lysol and other disinfectants through out the house.  No doorknob or handle or surface is safe when I get on this kick, so watch out.  On a side note we can only hope that your mother decides to make some of her chicken noodle and dumpling soup to sooth what ails us.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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