Friday, September 28, 2012

Bean Counting

To my son Tommy,

It is closing day at the office today, closing for the month and closing for the quarter.  This is when everyone scampers around collecting reports and balancing checkbooks and balancing budgets and generally just analyzing how we did this month, or at least getting it ready for an accountant or banker to analyze.  It is quite the site to see, and is very stressful.  Most of the errors made in the past month become quite evident on a closing day.  Books don't match because you transposed digits in this register or jobcosting doesn't match because you put in the wrong job code.  Every little hiccup and mistake costs you time to figure out and to close and you end up swearing that you will never make that error again.  But inevitably in the next months, some of the mistakes creep back in.

To compound the "fun and excitement" of closing, I had about 3 computer projects end up culminating on this day.  I won't get too technical for you, because by the time you read this the terms might be so outdated it will be like reading old English.  Lets just say moving the email server, working with a software integration, and changing some programs...all on closing...was not good planning on my part.  Won't be the last time that I am juggling a bunch of different things and a bit overwhelmed.  I refuse to make promises that it won't happen again.  Accepting reality can be bitter.

The concept of bean counting at the end of the month is a concept that I should probably use in other areas of my life.  I am not talking about balancing the checkbook and making sure the mortgage is on time, though I should do more of that as well.  I am talking about all the aspects of my life, like making sure I spent enough time on family, balancing my spiritual checkbook, counting all the love I have received, and taking inventory of my gratitude bank vault.  Businesses give so much time and effort to closing their financials, I should give the same time and effort for what really matters.

So with closing behind me and just a couple straggling tasks left on my computer projects,  I am going to hurry home to you and your mother so we can go spend some time with the rest of the family and Aunt Debbie's tonight.  As I drive home I will begin an audit of my hugs and kisses and if I find any discrepancies, I will be doing some debt collecting real soon!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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