Tuesday, September 18, 2012

No Air

To my son Tommy,

I am relieved to say we did not overreact yesterday.  For if we blew this off who knows what state we would be in today.  You were laboring so hard for air.  We spent about 10 hours in doctors office and emergency rooms.  The picture above is you getting a nebulizer treatment.  The doctors think you have asthma complicated with a cold or flu.

Asthma is a scary word for your parents.  It conjures up all kinds of images and possible limitations of your life.  How the doctors can jump to asthma when this is the first ever event is a little beyond me, but two seperate doctors did at two different locations.  We will deal with all the implications of asthma later.  For now we just need to get you through.

To complicate your sickness. your dad has been hit like a mack truck with flu like symptoms.  It has almosty imbolized me for the day.  Somehow your mother is fighting through her sickness and thank goodness.  Who knows where we would all be without her.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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