Saturday, September 22, 2012

No Help From The Cowboy

To my son Tommy,

A little guy sat on the porch watching his father.  His dad was tasked with cleaning the car really quick as mom had to go to a baby shower and was running late.  A little guy sat on the porch in his scooby doo pajamas and a cowboy hat.  He soaked in the sun and breathed in the fresh air relieved to be out of quarantine for just a little bit.  This little scooby doo cowboy busied himself with a model car filled with aq whale, a beetle, a toy soldier, and a dolphin.  The crew obviously had a serious roadtrip, but this didn't stop the little guy from looking up and taking the time to say hello to anyone who passed by be they neighbor or stranger.  The odd looks I am sure were from their surprise that a true cowboy lived in Baltimore city still.  So the little guy sat and played and watched and said hello....but not once did he say "Dad, when you rolled down the windows in Mommy's car, you left your keys in the ignition and you are going to drain her battery and she is in a hurry so you will end up in the dog house!"  Not once.  No help.  Not a single peep.  No warning at all.   Good thing this little guy is cute!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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