Sunday, October 28, 2012

Gear Shift

To my son Tommy,

Hours ago the most important things in our life were getting pictures for yesterday's blog, deciding if we would have enough sleep to get to 7:30 am mass, and getting ready for the Disney on Ice show as planned.   In the back of our mind were such things as superstorms, but we figured we would deal with that as it comes.  Then the phone rang early this morning.

Your Great Grandmother Frazier has been having some medical problems so when the phone rang your mother popped awake immediately.  I won't go over specifics mostly because I am a little hazy on everything but it includes dialysis and tumors and tubes and cords and all types of intricacies like those.  The prognosis is grim.  Now your mother is over at the hospital with your Pop-pop with your other aunts and some more extended family.  Prayer is the only thing left for the situation.

When you begin to believe that the daily routine is so important, life and death come roaring back to remind you of what should be important.  I met your Great Grandmother Frazier about two dozen times and she was a pistol every time.  She is as quirky as her Christmas gifts which have become infamous through out the family.  I personally found her gifts exciting and useful and am reminded of that every time I look up at the time projected on the ceiling of my bedroom,  though I must confess a few of the gifts perplexed me as much as everyone else.

The guys (me, your Uncle Chris, and your Uncle Rob) decided to bring the kids to the Disney on Ice show as planned.  It might seem strange to go to a fun family event when something like this is going on, but it will be nice to have the magic of innocent awe in a day that is going to be sorrowful.  It also allows the ladies to go be with their grandmother in the last moments of her life.  I will continue this post later...

We just got home and found out your Great Grandmother Frazier has passed on, God rest her soul.  Before the Disney on Ice show began, your Uncle Rob and/or cousin Emma came up with an idea.  We had great seats, nearly on the ice, and were half as many as expected, so Uncle Rob searched and spotted a family in the nose bleed seats of the arena.  Mostly because he is a good person with a good generous soul, but also in honor of your Great Grandmother Frazier, Uncle Rob and Emma went up to the nose bleed section and offered those tickets of ours that would remain unused to these strangers.  They were surprised and excited and grateful and seemed to enjoy their seat upgrade.  A random act of kindness is a fitting tribute to your Great Grandmother Frazier.  Rumor has it that a couple weeks ago your Great Grandmother Frazier, who always considered herself psychic, said that when she dies it will blow like no one has ever seen.  Perhaps this storm is her last hurrah to all the naysayers who laughed at her when she told them she was psychic.  Again rest in peace Madge Oralee Sheetz Frazier, until we meet again may the Lord hold you in the palm of His hand.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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