Monday, November 25, 2013

Blustery Cold

To my son Tommy,

I suppose I do my fair share of complaining in these letters to you.  I would call it more reporting the situation because I don't think I have a "woe is us" approach, but I guess some might consider it complaining.  But I remain thankful for the gifts we have and am constantly reminded it could be worse.  Yesterday I was reminded how bad it could be.

After the 12:15 Mass, I was selling raffle tickets for the St Agnes Men's Club shopping spree giveaway.  With the windchill yesterday, I am pretty sure it was approaching absolute zero.  The wind was cutting through my clothes no matter how well layered they were.  My kibbles and bits were trying to crawl back inside like a turtle sheltering in his shell in order to seek any kind of warmth.  For thirty minutes I experienced a cold that was reminiscent of doing naked snow angels during the drunken days of my youth.

My mind began to wander and began to consider those who have no home, specifically those that are often outdoors.  I had just thirty minutes of being cold but I was about to return to the warmth of my home.  What if there were no escaping the winds and frigid air?  What if I had no home to return to?  What if the only hope for warmth and relief from this blustery cold weather relied solely on the generosity of strangers and if the shelters were already filled to their max?

Our plights in this world are not trivial when you talk about such thing as your mom's medical conditions and such, but imagine how much more we would have to endure if we didn't have the gifts in our life that we do have.  Remember, always be thankful for what you have and be mindful and compassionate to those who go without.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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