Saturday, November 2, 2013

Saga Changes Scenery Again

To my son Tommy,

Your mom came home from the hospital today.  This doesn't mean everything is just hunky dory quite yet.  It just means that they aren't keeping her in the hospital anymore.  Instead we have to do everything that they were doing in the hospital at home.  It probably has to do more with money and insurance than health.  The saga continues it just changed scenery and supporting cast.  Thank goodness the home health care nurses are nice.  They really do make it easier.  I think after a couple more lessons on TPN (mommy's nutrition for the past week and the next two weeks) that I could get advanced credit in a nursing school program.  Anyways the plan is to keep mommy fed through an IV and on a whole cocktail of medicines, that made even the pharmacist do a double take, for about two weeks until she can get her surgery.  Not a great plan, and filled with a whole lot of questions and potential problems, but it is a plan which is more than we had a few days ago or for pretty much the whole month of October.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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