Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Struggle Through

To my son Tommy,

The surgeon who is scheduled to do your mom's bowel resection (which we hope will solve pretty much all the current medical stuff) thinks it is wise to enlist a second surgeon, specifically a plastic surgeon, to make sure everything is closed up properly.  We had problems with this before about six years ago and that was the reason we said you were born in a "womb with a view" which is a story for another time.  So we agree we need the extra help to avoid complications but the catch is this means the surgery will be put off until we can get insurance approval for the additional help.   So our choices are to hurry the surgery now and chance something going wrong with the closure and risk another hernia or wound vacuum situation, or to wait for the insurance and suffer through the current situation. When we step back out of our situation from a more objective view, the obvious thing to do is wait and do it right.  But when you are consumed in the present circumstances, when you were wondering how we can continue on for the two weeks to the early surgery date and now realize that time is at least now quadrupled, when you are your mommy and haven't eaten anything but clear liquids for about four weeks, it makes it difficult not to take the quicker option.  

Remember son, often in life you have to suffer through now to achieve a better result or situation in the future.  When you are reaping the rewards in the future, your sacrifice will seem negligible.  When you think about the bigger picture, life is a struggle which we suffer through now in hopes of achieving our ultimate goal of getting to heaven.  So what is a couple more weeks, right?  Your mom is sucking on some new broth right now thinking, "Easy for you to say."  Here is hoping that insurance and the powers that be fast track our approval!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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