Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mind Like A Steel Trap

To my son Tommy,

I often say that I have a mind like a steel trap and quickly add the old joke "rusty and illegal in 37 states."  I have a good memory but I am put to shame by your ability to latch on an idea or a promise and follow through.  

Last night your bedtime came in the middle of a Shrek movie.  You begged to stay up and finish but your parents stood firm on bedtime.  We promised you could continue watching it today.  I figured ten hours of sleep would make you forget.  Nope.  You woke up and when we started putting on your normal shows this morning, you quickly reminded us that you had the rest of the movie to watch.

Right now, you are talking about some toy at your Bwama's house that both you and your cousin Ryan want (or wanted) to play with.  Better than even odds that when you play tomorrow at your Grandmom's house that the toy in question will be the first you go for.  Despite my advice that you should be kind to your cousin and work it out with Ryan, you are probably planning some elaborate plan to guarantee your play time.  Unfortunately for you, this tendency runs in the genetic make up and I bet your cousin Ryan is planning some devious counter initiative for the same toy.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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