Friday, November 1, 2013

Costume Change

To my son Tommy,

Tonight we went over to visit your mom in the hospital.  As we were getting ready you put on your Dorothy dress from your Halloween costume and asked if you could wear that out.  I had no objections, at first.  But then you kept adding to your outfit.  You put on a cowboy vest and your surgeon hat and of course normal sneakers.  It was quite the hodgepodge and to say the least you clashed.  If my son decides to cross dress, he has to at least surpass my bad taste in fashion.  So I told you to pick one theme, doctor, cowboy, or Dorothy.  I was ready to head up and get the ruby slippers when you decided to go as the doctor.  Any choice was okay with me but the doctor seemed quite apropos for the hospital.  You charmed all that saw you, but you would have done that with any of the choices.

While we were visiting, a nurse let you help with your mother.  She let you listen through her stethoscope to your mom's heart and breath and even the gurgles from her gut which she explained would sound like a washing machine.  She showed you how to feel a pulse and check for edema or as she explained "squishy" legs.  Maybe it was the surgeon outfit, or maybe it was the excitement of being a helper, but I believe I saw a glint in your eye.  I could see the glint of discovery and perhaps a spark that might lead you down the medical road.  Soon after we had to head home, bed time and all, and I joked that just like a real doctor you were leaving and leaving all the real work for the nurses to do.  Hopefully we will soon be able to leave the hospital and bring our patient with us, Doctor Tommy's orders and all.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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