Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween and Saints

To my son Tommy,

Despite your mom being in the hospital, we are still trying to have a Halloween for you.  So last night we carved your pumpkin from your school field trip.  You were thoroughly disgusted by pumpkin guts but you were pretty excited when's e put in the tea light.  Then we started working on your costume for school.  

Being a Catholic school they do Halloween with a twist.  You were allowed to dress up as a Saint today.  Some would have rathered not have to do dual costumes but it was probably a blessing for us. Sending you in your Halloween costume for this year might have caused a stir.  You are, after all, dressing as Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, and who knows who that would have offended.  So instead we sent you as Doubting Thomas, complete with a wounded hand to put your finger in.  I am not quite the costume maker your mom is, so I had to improvise.  I cut a hole in some fabric she had laying around (originally planned to make my own Cowardly Lion costume) and then cut a length of fabric to tie around your waste for a belt.  I had grabbed a surgical glove from your Mom's hospital room and filled it with cotton balls.  I then cut a slit in the hand and added some embellishment with the red marker.  I added the sign to give a hint so people could figure out the whole thing.  Not exactly my MacGyver moment but it sufficed.

You and your classmates and school had a prayer ceremony followed by a parade of Saints at school today.  It was quite cute.  I am so glad that I ditched out of work for that time to see it.  I could guess most of the Saints but a few of the costumes threw me.  Your cousin Ryan was Joan of Arc.  I took some pictures but for now will just share a few.

Tonight I will have to get some pictures of you in your Dorothy outfit (I missed them from the Halloween party) and will upload the rest of the pictures I took.   That outfit was done by your mom and of course everything she does rocks. You are going out with your cousins tonight to do the whole trick or treat thing.  I am going to actually take a break and just sit on the porch of our house and pass out candy to anyone who braves our neighborhood.  So many in our neighborhood go off to other neighborhoods to trick or treat and I would like to give them the opportunity to work our street.  So I will put out our Jack O Lantern which you named Snappy and pass out candy till you can come home and help.  Happy Halloween my son.  I hope I did okay for you.

Sincerely with love from your dad,


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