Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Morning Schedule

To my son Tommy,

Lately, before school, we have taken to watching the Disney Jr.  We watch Octonauts as we snuggle in the morning.  Then there is a short called Bunny Town which signals time to make breakfast.  You eat (followed by a Flintstone vitamin) during the first half of Henry Hugglemonster, which has two stories during the half hour show, while daddy jumps in the shower.  We get you dressed during the second part of the Hugglemonster and we make sure you got your lunch and book bag and folder.  During ChooChoo Soul we do a silly dance and dance ourselves in for a good teeth brushing and any hair adjustments.  Chuggington comes on next and we use the first half of that show as a buffer if we are running late in any areas.  Often you are set and ready to go and Daddy is scrambling to get everything.  Out the door we go around 7:45 to get you off to school.

I am not too thrilled that the boob tube has become our scheduler of choice, but it is what it is.  This is not something new to your generation.  I put this in these letters to you for posterity because I often struggle putting names to my childhood shows that I watched as a young one.  I too watched cartoons and shows (of course for my generation) like clockwork and often knew what day of the week it was by what shows I watched.  Glimpses of these shows from my youth often come careening through my mind and then confound me for hours on end.  I mix up shows and put characters from Captain Chesapeake with Captain Kangaroo which just confuses my mind more.  When I finally get it all straightened out, I then am free to lament the lost innocence of the simpler days of my youth.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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