Sunday, October 27, 2013

Still In

To my son Tommy,

Your mom is still in the hospital and we still don't have a clear picture as to the path in the future.  She had her surgeon consultation pushed back from Monday to Wednesday.  Tomorrow the plan on doing an endoscopy and a colonoscopy to have a clear picture to present to the surgeon.  One is a tube down the throat and the other is a tube up the. ...well not the throat.  Hopefully they won't use the same tube or at least do the throat one first.

We got your mom's hair washed tonight.  It was quite the production bordering on comical.  I keep teasing your mom by telling her that I am going to brag about showering with a hottie tonight.  I won't mention the hospital gowns and being fully dressed and getting the cuffs of my pants all wet from the shower splatter and such.  Your mom was quite relieved to get her hair washed and that is what really matters.  

Anyways, we are trying to not interrupt your schedule too much, so I had to come home to get you fed and to bed at a decent hour.  The cellentani pasta is cooking and should be done in a couple minutes. Then I have the ironic honor of trying to talk a four year old out of a bath and instead going directly to bed.  You have been very understanding and, after a little talk between father and son, you are determined to be cooperative and helpful during these tough times.  It might not be fair that you just can't be a normal four year old, but your father needs all the help he can get if we are going to survive up to mommy standards! 

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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