Sunday, October 20, 2013

Mass And Family

To my son Tommy,

I have often used these letters to express the import of family.  I also use these letters to express the importance of religion and attending Mass.  Our family often, rightfully so, combines these two.  Today we attended Mass knowing your mom's cousin, Uncle Ben to you, was attending. He will soon be deployed in harm's way.  We offered (and will continue to offer) our concerns and well wishes and our prayers.

Even though today was a more somber prayer for safety, we must remember it is a gift and a joy to attend Mass with the family, to lean on one another and to pray together.  That gift and joy was raised exponentially because your mother joined us at Mass today.  Though she started getting a bit weak by the end, most likely due to some of her recent medications, it was such a pleasure to reach over and hold your mom's hand as we prayed.  Of course, after your own initial excitement of mommy coming to church, it was business as usual for you as you headed down to the other end of the pew towards your Great Aunt Lulu to get the requisite proper amount of separation and freedom from your parents and play with your friend one pew back.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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