Monday, October 7, 2013

Wanna Dance

To my son Tommy,

Day two of your mommy in the hospital.  Still trying to figure out all that medical stuff.  You are impressing me with the way you are coping.  Yesterday, I was going to drop you off to your Bwama after church and breakfast while I headed over to the hospital.  As I explained what we were doing you asked if you could go to the hospital too.  Then, when I agreed, you suggested we bring mommy a gift to make her feel better.  I let you go into cvs and pick it the card and gift.  You chose a Halloween Hello Kitty beanie baby and a cute and funny card with a chimpanzee on it.  You were very discerning and considered everything as you chose.  Somehow you ended up with a die cast car toy yourself.

Last night you made sure we called your mom at bed time and the first thing on your mind this morning was your mom so we called again.  I know she appreciates ever moment with you no matter on the phone or in person and she can't wait to get home and do some serious snuggle time.  After our phone call, we got back to the business of getting ready for school.

We were working through the normal routine when you tried a delay tactic to hold off brushing your teeth.  "Wanna dance?", you inquired and then, with a cheesy grin over your face, immediately held up each index finger and started waving them like something from the Charleston or the Lindy Hop or some type of flapper dance.  Seeing your bad dancing techniques and knowing you got them from your father or worse yet my father, brought such joy to my heart.  So we danced, both of us shaking our hips and our index fingers in one of the most silly, most welcomed moments of stress relief.  We then brushed your teeth and finished up and headed off to school.  I am not sure how you know what each of your parents need at any given moment, but you do.  Thank you.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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