Thursday, October 3, 2013


To my son Tommy,

Since I have taken such an interest in what our Congress is doing (or specifically not doing), I have started an ongoing compare and contrast between you and them.  It is only fitting because Congress is acting like a bunch of preschoolers.

I have shared with you how your negotiating techniques trump those of Congress, and that continues today.  In fact this morning as we readied you for school there were many comparisons throughout the process.  You refused to wear a sock which had a tiny hole in it.  You delayed taking your vitamin for a whole 5 minutes after breakfast.  You allowed me to brush your teeth but were reluctant to let me get the backs.  And you only allowed me a cursory combing of your hair.  Each of these can be compared to various actions of our legislative bodies.  But the biggest action you did today was "spin"!

Spin is when you point to something and try to sell it as something it isn't.  Sometimes you try to sell a negative as a positive.  Sometimes you point to a problem and attribute the cause to something other than the real cause.  When you woke up this morning, you were soaked.  You stretched and complained and told me, "I am all sweaty".  I guess that could have been the cause, or you could have spilled your water cup, but chances are there is another explanation and that is not sweat.  Oh well, accidents happen and it wasn't worth arguing with you that you weren't all sweaty.  We got you up, out of your pajamas, and bathed, and then went through all those previously mentioned politics of the morning, and off to school we went.

Unfortunately, some members of the House of Representatives are trying to spin things their way.  They are telling me it is raining and that the other side is responsible.  But just like it wasn't sweat that made you soaked, this downpour from the Congress is not rain and the small pathetic hose that it is coming from doesn't seem to be connected to the other side like they said was the cause.  Okay now I am being childish.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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