Saturday, October 5, 2013


To my son Tommy,

We finally finished putting together the playset that Aunt Carrie and Uncle Rob handed down to us.  It seems fairly level and sturdy.  Only had a couple extra screws left over that unfortunately don't fit the couple missing spots I do have.  It is one of those twilight zone moments like when you only put two socks in the wash and still lose one.  Regardless, the thing is sturdy and weight tested at least up to a fat daddy's weight which is about 275 lbs.  You were a big help today and I really mean that.  You did more than the normal gopher or tool holding that a four year old would be normally relegated to. You used the ratchet to tighten bolts and slid bricks under posts when I lifted them to level it.  It was really quite the bonding experience.

You had lunch out there in your fort and you called your cousin Ryan down.  I figured I'd have to spend the entire day outside but you and Ryan played for a bit and then moved to inside games.  Some hide and seek inside and then playing with a dollhouse and then a craft project with mommy.  You and Ryan made some ghosts for Halloween.  There was a point today that I thought the treefort-playset was only going to have five minutes of fame and be lost to obscurity.  I pictured myself mowing around this thing lamenting the fact that no one plays on it.  But you guys went out again and played outside.  Your fort will no doubt bring years of fun, if your mom doesn't power wash all the wood away tomorrow!  Don't worry wood can be replaced.  Much thanks to all who helped!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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