Friday, October 18, 2013

Can't Get Enough

To my son Tommy,

You have lately had a nearly insatiable appetite for learning.  Every day you swear you have homework.  If you have already finished your school assignments, you make us print out extra tracing letters.  We hit the library earlier in the week and you have read those books about a dozen times.  Tonight you and I put together a puzzle of the United States.  Not bad for a guy in PreK.  I really hope we can keep this going for awhile, like till you are 25 and are working on your third masters degree or doctorate.  No pressure though.  

Remember the key to education and smarts (and dare I say genius) is a genuine desire to learn.  This is really what your mom and I hope to foster in you and it is never too early to start.  With the proper encouragement, learning becomes a joy and a breeze.  With the proper desire and drive, you won't have to be dragged kicking and screaming to your potential, but can achieve greatness with a library card and a few dollars for late fees.  For now, we will just enjoy the fact that you just can't get enough learning!

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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