Saturday, October 26, 2013

Video Good Morning

To my son Tommy,

You woke up this morning with two things on your mind.  One is the Halloween party for the family later tonight and your entire day will probably be spent asking, "Can we go to the party yet?"

The other thing on your mind was your mommy.  You asked to Facetime her first thing, well first thing after you realized we couldn't go to the party yet.  I explained that I didn't set up Mommy with any skype or ipads when I brought her to the hospital again yesterday.  Not to be thwarted you offered, "Can we do a video? We could send it to her if you want!"

So here is the quick video you did before you decided calling her on the phone would be best.  Your mom hates being away from you and unfortunately the month of October has been filled with little medical induced breaks from being together.  So I know she appreciates any interaction she can have with you, be it through phone, or recorded video, or live video chat.  Sometimes, even when no physical interaction is possible, your mom knows she is always a thought on our minds and a prayer in our hearts.

Sincerely with love form your dad,

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