Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Queue Stampede

To my son Tommy,

Imagine you are directing a movie filled with catastrophe after catastrophe.  As the director you would have the rare opportunity to say stuff like "Queue the stampede!" or "Send in the lion!"  or some other phrase that you would expect to hear on the set of Jumanji.  Now imagine the actors in your movie had no script and no expectations of what is next.  Then you will be able to imagine how life feels for mommy and I right now.

You were in bed for about three hours when you called down and said you had to go potty.  You had refused to go before bed so I figured it was urgent and I dropped the laundry I was folding and ran upstairs.  We made the potty but in the process I noticed you felt hot.  I put ya back in bed and grabbed the ear thermometer.  I tried both ears about four times and got a different temp every time but the average seemed to be just under 101.  I filled you with some children's Advil after a few calls to your mom to make sure I was giving the right medicine in the right dosage.

Your mom was dealing with her next twist in the soap opera of life.  She had already learned that she had a yeast infection in the esophagus from her throat scope and that her other scope couldn't get by the obstruction at her ileum and they couldn't get a good picture of her small intestine.  But when I called she was dealing with more immediate problems.  She was trying to get the nurses attention to get her own next dosage of medicine.  She also was trying to point out that the IV that is currently feeding her (a process called PPN whatever that means) seemed to be screwed up.  I don't think they believed her or were tired of a nursing student pointing out things that they do wrong.  Turns out that she was right on the IV and instead of putting the nutrition into her vein, it was being dumped under her skin.  I can almost hear her saying, "I hate it when I am right"

To add to the "stampede" around 5:30 AM (after at least a couple hours of much needed sleep) I get messages that they are having trouble connecting to the servers at the office.  I know I have talked to you before about Murphy's Law but this is definitely a case of the butter side of my bread landing face down.  Luckily I got the problem at work fixed remotely.  The gentleman who helped me at work finished our conversation with "You know, God only gives you what he thinks you can handle." to which I quipped, "Well than he must think pretty darn highly of me because he is giving me a lot!"

Your fever went down but I decided to keep both you and I home today.  You ate about half your cereal so your morning appetite seems to be lacking but we will see how your temp and appetite and energy goes for today before deciding what to do tomorrow.  Because I believe ninety percent of your heat escapes from your head, I think blanket snuggling while sick is basically a flawed concept.  So, I have declared it winter hat day in the house and am forcing you to wear your hat in conjunction with the blanket.  I am trying to find the energy to do some things around the house in addition to working and getting ready to visit the hospital while I wear my own winter hat as a good example.  Hopefully soon we will be able to yell "Jumanji!" and everything will be back to normal.

Sincerely with love from your dad,

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